Cornfield Maze

Miles of pathways...

The corn maze covers eight acres and has 4 miles of pathways. The corn maze has been the main attraction of DixieMaze Farms since 1999. It is one of the oldest cornfield mazes in the south and the original cornmaze in Louisiana. Every year we incorporate a new design with challenging new twists and turns.  The corn maze is included with all admission tickets.
The Maze always has at least two different phases. One is an easier less challenging phase, and one that offers a more interesting experience with twists and turns to try and throw your internal compass off! The Haunted Maze, or Field of Screams, is separate and is only open Friday and Saturday nights throughout the fall season.
There are "shortcut" exits positioned in strategic locations just in case the maze has you "crazed" and you want to get out. The pathways are cleared of stalks but you should expect to wear footwear consistant with walking in a cornfield with uneven terrain. If your wheelchair or stroller can navigate a dirt field then you should be ok here. Wagons work great.
Throughtout the maze there are "Corny Clues" locations where you can text for a clue to help you along your way. You will also encounter workers called Corn Cops who are happy to help. Either way, don't worry if you get too lost, every morning we go through and clear everyone out that's still lost from the night before...

If you are skilled (or lucky) you can expect it to take about 30 minutes to do the non-haunted mazes. If you are directionally challenged - it can take much, much longer. There is no lighting in the maze so if you plan to come after dark (a totally different experience) you might need a flashlight. We don't give refunds or rainchecks so check the weather before you come out. We stay open unless weather conditions become dangerous because of severe storms or lightning, etc.