Zombie Paintball

Zombies, RUN for your LIFE!!!

Hordes of flesh eating zombies mindlessly running at you in full sprint!!! You've imagined what you might do when the Zombie Apocalypse hits?! Well now it has, and we need you to help fight off the Zombie horde from wiping out the Farm and life as we know it on planet earth.  Locked and loaded with special zombie killing paintball guns and rounds, enter the barracks and see if you survive!! We use strobe lighting, fog machines, explosions and loud noises, among other things. Please use caution if you feel any of these things could cause an adverse physical reaction in you. The haunted attractions  operate ONLY every Friday and Saturday nights after dark beginning September 26th through Halloween weekend (ends October 31st).  All of our haunted attractions are intense and fast paced. Doing all the haunted attractions will require substantial walking over uneven terrain. Please wear appropriate footware and be in proper physical condition. There can be a substantial line to enter the haunted attractions between 7pm and 9pm. Buy tickets online to avoid additional wait. Farm Members and three of their guests can skip past haunted attraction lines. Learn more about Farm Memberships.

We don't give refunds or rainchecks so check the weather before you come out. We stay open unless weather conditions become dangerous because of severe storms or lightning, etc.  Haunted attractions are included with Night Frights admission ticket.
****WARNING**** This haunted attraction is considered an "extreme" haunt and it may not be suitable for everyone (especially small children)! Our Actors are aggressive.