Haunted Reservation

Would you like to have a set reservation for your small group and avoid ALL the lines?

If so, you want a Haunted Reservation!

For Groups Of 6 or Fewer

When you arrive at DixieMaze Farms on a Friday or Saturday night how would you like to skip past ALL the lines! With a Haunted Reservation, you can go straight to the will call booth located in the Group Corral and be met by a Farm Hand and have your group shuttled directly to the Haunted area. In the haunted area you will be met by the Haunted Concierge and escorted to the FRONT of the haunted attraction lines! When your done, we'll shuttle you back to the front of the farm and you can enjoy many of the other attractions.

This service is available for groups of 6 or less and must be reserved online here 24 hours in advance. Very limited availability.Resevations are made on the half hour starting at 8:30 pm Friday and Saturday nights in October. Reservations require one $40 reservation fee for up to 6 people at the time of booking. Your reservation will provide shuttle service to the haunted area upon your arrival at DixieMaze Farms and escorted service to the front of all three haunted attractions and shuttle service back to the front of the farm and parking lot.

The Haunted Reservation DOES NOT replace your Fright Night ticket. Each person in your group must also have a Fright Night ticket.


Four easy steps to booking a haunted reservation:

  1. Click on this link and buy a Fright Nights admission ticket (the haunted reservation does not include admission).
  2. Click on this link and pick the day and time you wish to reserve and make the reservation. Each reservation can accomidate up to 6 people. If your group size is larger than 6 people you can make more than one reservation at the hour and date you want - as long as there is availability.
  3. Have the members of your group arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled reservation

That's it!!

Remember, reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. While reservation fees are not refundable, you can change your reservation to another available date and time as long as the change is made 48 hours in advance. If the attraction closes due to severe weather, your reservation fee will be immediately refunded.