The Adams Family

Avery, Dee, Rachal, Ethan, Casie, Taylor, Lauren (right to left) Not pictured: Shane

New to the south and loving it!  Dee (LeiLani's brother) and Casie both grew up in Washington state where they met and married, not as long ago as Mike and LeiLani though.  In 1998, they moved their family to a small town in Arizona where they spent the next 16 years working on raising their five children.  While they enjoyed their time in Arizona they too longed to give their children an opportunity to learn how to work hard and having lived on family farms as children they knew that the best place to do that was in the country.  In 2013, the pull of country life convinced them to load up their belongings and the kids still left at home and drive south.  Their time here has been short but already the kindness of the south has made them feel right at home.